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Find out the latest on the legal and scientific battle underway to save common sense and the American economy!

We have developed the SLF Global Warming Litigation Project to challenge the climate change alarmists and the Obama Administration's agenda for radical, costly regulation - based, as we maintain, on flawed science, political agendas, and the multi-billion dollar carbon trading giants waiting in the wings.

At stake are hundreds of billions of dollars that will come from your 401(k), show up in your energy bills, and will result in the loss of tens of thousands of American jobs. Al Gore’s profit-making enterprise – the selling of billions of dollars in so-called “carbon credits” – is based on fraudulent science and a politically driven environmental extremist agenda bent on destroying the American economy.

The climate change crisis is the single most dangerous domestic issue facingAmerica.  Visit our companion website to find out the latest on the legal and scientific fronts.

Relevant Articles and Submissions:
3-22-17 - Cascadia v. US, et al., Children's climate change lawsuit
Click here for Amended Complaint;
Click here for Federal Magistrate Judge Opinion;
Click here for U.S. District Court Judge Opinion
6-1-15 - Court of Appeals Orders EPA to Respond:  Greenhouse Gas Rules Not Settled -
Click here for Court Order
5-27-15 - SLF Files Petition for Rehearing on EPA Greenhouse Gas Remand -
Click here for Petition as Filed
10-15-13 - Supreme Court of the United States Agrees to Hear SLF Appeal in EPA Climate Change Regulations Case
5-10-13 - SLF Submits Comment in Blockbuster EPA Attempt to Radically Change State Implementation Rules (SIPs) for Air Quality Standards - see formal comment
5-8-13 - A Supreme Court EPA Decision Could Cost Taxpayers $21 Billion a Year, Forbes Magazine
8-22-12 - U.S. DC Court of Appeals Strikes Down Obama EPA Air Pollution Rule as "Overreach Beyond Clean Air Act" - SLF Amicus Brief Sets Tone 

2-18-11 - EPA Drawing Fire Over Greenhouse Gas Regs - Atlanta Business Chronicle




9-27-10 - Shannon Goessling: EPA wants to regulate emissions with Clean Air Act -- but can they? 

With the U.S. Senate taking a pass on climate and energy legislation before the election, all eyes are on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Besides the question of how regulation will broadside the U.S. economy, EPA's proposed regulations also raise an important legal question.

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9/27/10 - Argus Q&A: Shannon Goessling 

Argus Q&A: Shannon Goessling

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9/16/10 - Did EPA overreach and act contrary to Congressional authority? Yes 

Filing a Motion to Stay the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas emissions rules in the multi-party legal challenge against the EPA’s Endangerment Finding on carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia yesterday, Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) cites “significant legal precedent for the court to halt EPA’s regulatory steamroller.” SLF is joined by the Coalition for Responsible Regulation, Inc., the American Iron and Steel Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Ohio Coal Association, and Landmark Legal Foundation.

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8/2/10 - Obama's climate 'Plan B' in hot water 

President Barack Obama’s ‘Plan B’ for tackling global warming is under attack in the courts and on Capitol Hill. Through federal lawsuits, two conservative attorneys general, a major coal company and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are leading the charge to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to write its own climate rules.

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As printed in The Washington Times, SLF's Shannon Goessling outlines the EPA's regulatory push on global warming/greenhouse gas emissions and points to the legal about-face in states like New York - see inside

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As appeared in the March 26, 2010 issue of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, SLF's Shannon Goessling discusses the scientific errors and potential fraud underlying the EPA's current global warming regulatory push - see inside

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SLF's Shannon Goessling exposes the proposed global warming regime by the EPA and Obama administration - who's behind it, and why legal action is necessary - SLF represents more than a dozen U.S. Representatives and nearly 20 professional associations and companies - see more inside

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